Green Leaves

Serenity Soaps by B

Soaps & Skin care Store in Oregon 

Serenity Soaps by B is a small business, offering vegan, handmade products. I have a wide spectrum of products made from natural bases, essential oils, flowers, fruits, and herbs, personalized to suit your specific needs. Stop by my shop and check out the selection. I am here to help you feel and look amazing! 

If you order 4 or more products, there is the option to make your purchase a gift basket.

Soap and Herbs

Handmade Soap


Shea butter soap, infused with lavender flower and oil.   Honey soap infused with lemon and marigold flower

Beauty Products



Shea butter lotion infused with essential oil of your choice




Handmade candles made with soy wax and coconut oil, infused with vanilla and rose petals

Natural Cosmetics



Deodorant infused with peppermint and white sage

Essential Oils

Massage Oil


Oil infused with essential oil of your choice 

Bath Brush and Soap

Bubble bath 


Lavender Infused bath soap